Architectural Photography.

Alpa Max | Schneider 28 XL | Leaf Credo 60 Alpa Max | Schneider 28 XL | Leaf Credo 60

From an architects perspective, what would be the most important factor in photographing a new construction or any other archtiectural masterpiece?
Proportions is the answer. To maintain proportions, to be faithful and to be truthful about the work. 
Now, this is tougher than it sounds. It takes experience and knowledge to be a true architectural photograher and prevent exaggeration of space and distorted scenes.

Perspective control of constructional lines are imperative and the photographers preference is to manage this at the moment of capture. The rules of architectural photography applies both exterior & interior imagery.
I am positive to work closely with the architect, interior designer or art director to tailor the images for a specific idea and/or concept when required.