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I live by the motto Creative Precision. Two decisive words which suggest thinking outside the box and never compromising on camera technical excellence or compositional purity.

It all started with a Kodak Instamatic at the age of six, back in the early seventies. Since then, I have hardly put down a camera, only models and types have changed throughout the years. Early on I understod that photography would be a lifelong passion of mine and being autodidact has actually been a blessing since I have not been formed by teachers, books or my peers in the world of photography. Having hunted light and compositions for more than four decades, my photographic style has matured and is nowadays recognizable by subtle cues in framing and use of light. 

Swedish born in Malmoe, 1967. My parents and I moved to Marbella, Spain, in the early eighties and this is where I still reside with my own family, wife and two teenage daughters. Marbella is a great place for a scenic photographer with 50 plus nature parks within a two hour drive from home. But it is not only diverse landscapes and the charming character of Andalucia that intrigues me, no, it is the quality of light.

Understanding light and having a good eye for composition is imperative in any field of photography. After that, the technical aspects come in to play to control depth of field, perspective control and a long list of other factors related to consistant and solid photography. It is essential to understand the fundamentals of photography to be able to project a photographic idea and make it happen.  

The Swiss ultra highend camera brand ALPA is most definitely part of my photography. This is the kind of equipment that  inspires and I thrive on the precision, quality and purity it gives. There is truly nothing like it and although I combine it with other wellknown brands, such as Hasselblad, Leaf Imaging, Rodenstock, Schneider and Linhof - it is still ALPA that is the hub, the centre piece and the system that makes all the different parts work together. Not only is it privileged equipment to work with, it also ensures that my art is produced of what is possible with todays technology.  

Imediately after my university studies  [Madrid • London • Heidelberg • Tampa] graduating fall 1991, I jumped out into the professional world of photography, thus, I have been in the game long enough to shoot analogue in every possible format and of course been close to the digital evolution and always worked with the very best equipment available, no matter time period.

I am always on standby and on the lookout for new artworks. The passion lives on.

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Dan Lindberg • Contemporary Art Photography
Dan Lindberg • Contemporary Art Photography